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0 Star Rating  on Facebook, Apr 12, 2021

Awesome crew. Very knowledgeable and put me on the right track the first time. I seen my regular dr and they honestly told me false information. Numale in skokie is awesome and have recommended them to multiple people.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Apr 01, 2021

Great service! Jacob and Jack are so wonderful.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 30, 2021

I have been a client for about 4 months. I signed up for the weekly TRT shots. This treatment worked, my libido is back and better than ever, I'm losing body fat and stacking muscles, I do think clearer. I'm finally on a normal sleep schedule. It really has helped me live again. I would like to say that I started taking vitamins daily and working out too which has obviously helped as well. They are pretty friendly there, usually in an out if you gotta be there. I get my TRT shipped to my house directly so I don't have to make the 2 hour round tripp every week and for some reason the pharmacy messed up and I am still waiting for it to be delivered... that's my only complaint so far. Hopefully there's no more shipping issues and they continue to be professional and helpful and I will continue going through them. Guys if you're having issues... you're tired, you have no interest in sex anymore, depressed... go to NuMale and start a new chapter. You won't be let down. Good luck gentlemen.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 24, 2021

Very happy. Great service


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 23, 2021

Staff was great and super pro!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 20, 2021

No guy wants to really admit there might be a problem. When it's finally time, NuMale has real solutions that have amazing results. I found solutions to my problem. You can too.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 04, 2021

Went to NuMale last energy..decided on getting TRT ...lost 24 pounds..way more energy ..increased libido..expensive but worth the money to me..went back today for 2nd treatment and probably will be back after that yes a great experience and the staff is awesome!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 02, 2021

I have been a patient for 3 years and have been very happy with the Tampa Numale clinic. The staff is very caring and knowledgeable about men’s health issues. They offer a variety of treatments and services and I have used several and been satisfied with the results.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 25, 2021

The staff are kind and Ken Brielmaier answered all of my questions. Today I start my treatment and I see them in 6 months to see my results. The font desk were very kind to me they were amazing.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 12, 2021

Very knowledgeable in all aspects and take the time to help make the changes that your looking for, not just your wallet. I’d recommend this place over any place In the area. Ray and John are awesome. Very comfortable environment as well.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 31, 2021

A great team that has the experience and understanding of the process and needs of the patient for a great outcome. Dr. Jack is one of the best.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 24, 2021

I been going to NuMale Tampa, FL office for 2+ years! It has real helped me out and unlike other places that make you pay for every small item or like go to Dr. visit pay a co-pay. This place does them in affordable package deals working with your budget for what you need ( summary - you get a lot more fore your money in a year of service - Trust me, its way cheaper in your overall costs. I have used over 1/2 of their services and the staff is outstanding - really going extra mile every time to help you .. helping you over and over. I going to stay a customer for long time, everything they have done for me works 100% all the time ( can't say that with other places or overpriced places only doing one or two things) - NuMale looks at big picture for you solving now and later issues. Give them a try, I bet you will be very happy. I also would like to call out Jack, the main lead dr. has changed my life for the best!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Dec 31, 2020

I especially enjoy the experience because there is no judging, down talk, and yet some down to earth people like Rey, Tony, and John. For me working in health care myself I know it is tough to meet certain guidelines and expectations but these gentleman aim to please with the experience they give. Thank you all at Numale for keeping this workhorse movin along.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Dec 24, 2020

I've used this clinic for several years for a few different reasons. I't been a long road and a good experience . The staff is cordial and professional. I've seen very little change in staff which is always a good sign. My treatments have been very successful thanks to their diagnosis and advise. My joy for life has been enhanced thanks to them. They are a great group of people. I recommend this clinic and the treatments they offer greatly.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Dec 22, 2020

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Facility is very clean and comfortable. Services provided here are life changing!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Nov 12, 2020

Mr. Olin and the team did a great job explaining everything and we’re very thorough. I’d recommend this office for sure.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Oct 27, 2020

Great stuff and very knowledgeable!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 26, 2020

The results and the benefits for romance are inspiring.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 23, 2020

The staff at NuMale are very professional. They definitely care about your health. There number one goal is to have you feeling better and they do. My experience there has been great. I definitely recommend there clinic.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 16, 2020

Very discrete and a beautiful view of water beside the building.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 16, 2020

All of my questions were answered and the service was great.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 01, 2020

They worked with me when I couldn’t get financing through vive

Tony Rumford