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5 Star Rating  on Google, Jun 14, 2019

Great Product for all men. Don’t delay make a appointment Today


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jun 14, 2019

Excellent product that ever male should have. Don’t delay make an appointment Today.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jun 11, 2019

This clinic is terrific. The person, I think their name was Doron Vardi, that posted that exceptionally long list of complaints about Dr. Asandra, should not be taken seriously. Every member of this doctor's office is compassionate, knowledgeable, and extremely pleasant. This includes the nurses, medical assistants, pharmaceutical professional, and especially Dr. Asandra. So, if you read Doron Vardi's assessment on this medical team, it's safe to interpret that the complete opposite of everything stated in their comment is actually the real case. You can look at all the other reviews as assurance that my assessment is much more credible than Doron Vardi's negative review would have you believe. Sorry Doron's imperative that readers know the truth, especially when it comes to medical professionals. People also deserve to know that the validity of your negative review is questionable at best. Honestly, the biased nature of your post gives the impression that maybe you have an ex-partner who works in this office or something, making it impossible for you to report impartial feedback. Your review reeks of personal conflict, therefore making it irrelevant, as far as rating the services provided to the public by the NuMale medical clinic.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jun 04, 2019

I'm glad I came to numale in Omaha because the staff here really does seem to care about helping you get your health squared away and they are willing to work pretty hard to get you dialed in. They are all very knowledgeable and professional which is something I appreciate greatly.


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 31, 2019

NuMale in Omaha is awesome, Great service and value!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, May 20, 2019

My name is Mike; I am a 72 year old male and I live in Las Vegas, NV. Before going to NuMale, I felt there was absolutely no hope for me to regain my drive and sex life. I signed up for the entire program and I’ve been in the program for 3 months and I can truthfully say that this was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I have seen lots of results in a short time and things are getting better with every visit. I have gained more stamina and a noticeable increase in size, which makes my wife extremity happy. I want to thank Fernando and the entire team for all their help. They are professional, understanding, encouraging and answer all your questions and make you feel totally comfortable. Mike


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, May 16, 2019

Such a wonderful experience with the Staff. Highly recommend 💯


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 03, 2019

Staff is helpful and knowledgeable. Did the rapid weight loss program and lost almost 50 pounds. Still doing their program and down 80 pounds overall in 9 months.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Apr 25, 2019

Been going over a year, and was the best decision I've made in a long time. Whole staff is awesome. Will always make time for you, and will make you feel like one of the family. You can't go wrong here.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Apr 18, 2019

Excellent and friendly staff. I been wanting help on my loss of energy over the years and they make everything really easy.


0 Star Rating  on Facebook, Apr 12, 2019

Great Doc, great staff, very helpful. Less than a year in and I feel GREAT, thank you Dr. Asandra...!

Willis F. Daniels

5 Star Rating  on Google, Apr 06, 2019

This place and the staff are awesome. I had trt therapy here over 1 month ago and my life has changed dramatically...I now have focus , energy, and the drive to get up motivated everyday... I have the energy to work out and I now have a awesome career....Who would believe a 50 yr old male could find the fountain of youth??? Luckily I found it at NuMale.....Thank you so much for your organization.......Will be a customer for life...


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 29, 2019

Since ive started had great results. I would highlg recommend


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 26, 2019

Jacob is great and the entire staff is very helpful. Always there to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommended.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 25, 2019

Great Staff! Jake and Tod and the rest of them. Been going to Numale for about a year now and I feel like a new man! The only thing I wish is that I knew about them years ago. Trust me. Give them a visit. You won’t regret it!! Better sex, better workouts, better attitude Roger


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 21, 2019

Jacob and Mike are awesome. The product works great and I am a happy camper😊


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Mar 20, 2019

I've just finished my first year and I'm continuing treatment, as every aspect of my experience with Numale was great. Tod and especially Jacob were really terrific.

David B

5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 19, 2019

They are very thorough and make sure you are feeling well. I receive a phone call after every shot or visit to see how I am doing. They check your levels in your blood very often and call with results immediately. I would highly recommend that you call today for your consultation.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 15, 2019

Jake, Mike and Todd were excellent


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 15, 2019

Jacob and Tod at the Albuquerque location are very professional and have always been extremely helpful and accommodating to my needs and schedule.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Mar 14, 2019

I’ve been coming here for a couple years and working with Jacob has been great. The results have been very beneficial to my mood and I feel better every year.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 22, 2019

The doctors and staff here are great! They are easy to work with and seem to have the patient's best interests in mind.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 22, 2019

The doctors and staff here are great! They are easy to work with and seem to have the patient's best interests in mind.