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5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 23, 2018

As a member of NUMALE client it's the best gift i have made for myself wish that i did it sooner boost my self-esteem confident at 62yrs old i give props to me.Nothing compares to Numale i invite every man to become a Numale for a life changing experience i am taking the next step optimal testosterone💪💪💪.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 22, 2018

The staff at NuMale Tampa are great!!! They were able to answer all of my questions & even some questions that I didn’t know I had. I’ve been feeling great ever since I got my procedure done. Both Greg & Juan Carlos at this office have gone above & beyond to help me out during this time. Appreciate guys, keep up the good work!!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 21, 2018

I injured my shoulder doing ring muscle ups at the gym over a year ago. I have tried stretching, chiropractics, physical therapy and dry-needling. I approached NuMale recently to have a PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection. Staff was professional and very knowledgeable about the procedure. Priced better than the competition and I felt they knew more about this type of therapy. Very glad I discovered NuMale. Shoulder has been feeling much better!


4 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 16, 2018

Great people very professional. Love the place have had very results . I gave a 4 because they are a bit pricey. But they can do what most others can't . I have been on testosterone treatment for over 10 years . I have had numerous doctors treat me for this . But I have found numale the best fit .


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 13, 2018

Everyone there was very friendly and appeared to work well with one another along with happy to be there. Mike in finance was the perfect man for the job and really explained one's options and Mr. Chapman really helped me with my health rather than just treating me like another paying customer. I will never go anywhere else and will send everyone I know their way. Can't wait to go back! Thank you all...


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Feb 13, 2018

MM I love the results achieved on me by the Las Vegas NuMale Clinic. Excellent, conscientious, knowledgeable staff. Will continue using them.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 13, 2018

I have been using the Numale Clinic for a year and a half now and all I can say is that they have produced the results that they advertised. All the staff at the Las Vegas Clinic have been more than friendly and courteous. Clayton, Ken and the rest have made me pretty happy. The results of the various therapies have produced excellent results for me. I will continue using their facility and therapies in the future.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 09, 2018

Outstanding products and outstanding service!!! Numale was amazing and went above and beyond when it came to solving my problems. And when I say solving my problems, I mean solve. Some places just try to cover up the problem or mask it. Numale will do everything possible to get you back the way you used to be. These guys know what they're doing and if you take a chance, you won't be disappointed!! Numale has improved the quality of my life twice over!!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 06, 2018

I can't thank the NuMale team enough. Mike truly cares about his patients and won my business for life. I had the Neograft procedure done in early Nov. I see new hair sprouting everyday. Special thanks to the Neograft team. Tina from Neograft is a master at her craft with over 23 years experience. Couldn't have had a better team for my transplant.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 05, 2018

Hello my name is Leonard Sellers, I am a patient here at the clinic here in Albuquerque New Mexico, I have been receiving testosterone injections weekly and I am so amazed with the results.I have lost weight and put on muscle .My libido is awesome my girlfriend loves it, The folks here at the Albuquerque clinic are great, Thank you all, Leonard Sellers


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 03, 2018

I’m so pleased I decided to go with Numale here in Albuquerque. The staff is awesome to work with and they make sure you are fully informed about their products and services before making a decision. During every visit they make you feel comfortable and treat you like family. I am extremely happy with the results I’ve had from the testosterone therapy and will continue to go back as needed for additional services.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 02, 2018

Went to my Primary Care Physician after a recent back surgery. I explained to my physician that I was struggling with a severe lack of energy and feelings of depression and anxiety. She then proceeded to prescribe depression medication without completing a blood test, even after I specifically asked to have my testosterone levels checked, and she refused. Frustrated and on a whim, I went to NuMale who quickly discovered after a simple blood test that my testosterone levels were very low (118 - normal range is between 600-800). They explained how testosterone injections would increase my energy and help my mood. I am ecstatic to say that after 4 weeks I am noticing a difference in my energy level and mood. I am hoping that as I continue I will notice even more positive changes and will be able to eliminate using a preworkout at the gym. Luckily I never started the depression medication...especially after learning that it can be as difficult as heroin to ween off of.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Feb 01, 2018

It was a good experience. Very professional and knowledgeable staff.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jan 31, 2018

Absolutely amazing and definitely have one's health and financial ability in mind vs. just a customer they can make money from. Mike is the perfect guy to explain everything one needs to know about financing pellets and Steve Chapman will move mountains to make sure someone is comfortable, gets what they want and will come back. Just got my 3rd set of pellets with a year in between the 2nd and 3rd and I couldn't wait to go back and will never go elsewhere. Not to mention everyone there seems to really enjoy their job and working as a team. I will continue to send everyone their way. Overall, I couldn't imagine why anyone would go anywhere else!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 27, 2018

After trying pills that didn't work at all, I gave it a shot. And what a shot! The staff is very friendly and professional, everything was explained to me in details and all my questions were answered either in person or by phone. The treatment works and the results are awesome. I have a lot of energy now, I'm very ACTIVE now and I don't have any problem telling my friends about it because I got my life back. Thanks NuMale!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 26, 2018

I have been a patient of Nu Male Omaha for two years. These guys are second to none in men's health. I have done my research on other providers, types of treatments and Nu Male is hands down the best no one else can even compare in any area , price, knowledge , performance and friendly staff. Doctor John. Justin ,Rey, Daniel and all their staff will treat you hat in hand. All questions are answered and they take the time to make sure you understand and get the best service possible. I am doing testosterone and Ed peds. I give these guys 10 stars and if you go anywhere else I wish you luck but to me there is only one true choice Nu Male Omaha , Neb . They treat me like family. Mike Magers


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 25, 2018

Very good clinic. Respectful and comfortable treatment.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jan 23, 2018

NuMale has been a lifesaver regarding my ED. My confidence has been restored too. Got trained on how to use meds by "Nebraska Mike" at the Las Vegas clinic and now I'm ready to Go!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 18, 2018

Go see these guys they get it done!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jan 17, 2018

Just have to say, that the Staff at Numale, are the best in what they do,,,if there's a question they can't answer, they find a way of getting it. They are very respectful and caring. Thank you for a wonderful group of guys Numale!!!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jan 16, 2018

Previous to learning about NMM, I had struggled with both, a testosterone problem along with ED for at least 7 years. Which left me with the typical inconsistent results and side effects of the pills to have a somewhat normal quality of life. I have now been with the clinic for over 4 years and it with no exaggeration has absolutely changed my life to the equivalent of being blind and then having your sight restored It is truly an amazing restoration, if not improvement of who you used to be in your younger days I am better in every way and cannot recommend them high enough as thanks for what it has done for my life The staff are also extremely friendly and make you feel comfortable and welcome


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 12, 2018

Great friendly and helpful staff. The testosterone pellets have been a huge help for me!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 11, 2018

I have Improved a lot my stamina and my physique has changed since I went to Numale. I started last May 2017. Reynaldo Noren of thier Omaha Branch has also been very helpful!!!!!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jan 10, 2018

Gentlemen.......SUFFERING from ED? Sex life non existent? GO SEE THE STAFF AT NUMALE!! I did and all I can say is AWESOME!!! I take the shot and BAMM in less than 15 minutes Im hard as a rock and it lasts for about 2 hours! My wife is ....well lets say she is pretty happy! Yeah I know what your thinking....a needle in my penis! You dont feel it, its easy to prep and inject, pretty simple!!! Consultation is a little akward but the results are WORTH IT!!! WHY PUT UP WITH ED??? Go see Numale!!


4 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 09, 2018

Helpful, knowledgeable, and personable staff.