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5 Star Rating  on Google, Jan 04, 2022

I can’t say enough about how great amazing this place is. The staff is great and I am taken care of immediately as I walk in the door. There is no waiting around to be seen. The facility is clean and the staff is very professional. The testosterone treatments have changed my life. I used to come home from work and have no energy. I could not play with my kids and had no desire to do anything but sit around. Since treatments started about a year ago my energy levels are amazing and I am enjoying life again. I have noticed my mood, energy levels, and overall desire to live life has improved immensely. I am totally satisfied with my results. Thank you to numale medical Omaha


5 Star Rating  on Google, Nov 19, 2021

I have been a patient since the end of September and I feel great! I have lost 18lbs, have more energy and stamina in all facets of my life and overall much happier! My friends and family have noticed a significant change as well! The staff is very accommodating with my schedule as it changes constantly!!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Nov 03, 2021

very professional and trustful.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Nov 02, 2021

I’ve never felt so safe and comfortable around a doctor before.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Oct 31, 2021

very professional and trustful.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Oct 19, 2021

I am extremely happy and satisfied with the results!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Oct 16, 2021

Never saw myself wanting or needing this stuff, but when the time came - so did I!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Sep 27, 2021

Help is on the way.


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 10, 2021

Fantastic experience ! Highly recommended with great results !


5 Star Rating  on Google, Sep 07, 2021

NuMale helped me get rid of the brain fog I was experiencing and helped me get the want to workout back again. I would strongly recommend NuMale to anyone experiencing issues that they can help with!


5 Star Rating  on Google, Aug 10, 2021

Excellent service with a very friendly staff.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, Jun 04, 2021

Great stuff


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 31, 2021

Outstanding medical knowledge and exceptional service. #1 treatment I have ever received.


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 18, 2021

Great service and great staff. Excellent solution for low energy level!


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, May 15, 2021

I have been a patient of Numale for almost six years. Cristhian Lujan and the Numale staff in Greenwood Village, Colorado are incredible. They make sensitive subjects easy to talk about and don't just treat you as a "customer", but as family. Cristhian is very knowledgeable yet approachable. He wants to do everything he can to help you be a better you. I so appreciate Numale and all they do for men. Give them a try...Your life will be changed for the better.


5 Star Rating  on BirdEye, May 11, 2021

Great service!


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 10, 2021

Completely satisfied. The doctors are top notch and very professional.. The process is completely discreet.... Now.. let's get to what you really wanna know....I can only speak to the ICB therapy as it is all I have experience with. It's expensive!...but only if you look at the number as a number...when I look at what I'm able to do compared to was I wasn't so able to do before treatment....I'd pay double! your ain't 20 no Plan on being a customer for years to come!


5 Star Rating  on Google, May 07, 2021

I have been a patient here for almost a year. Staff is always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. My energy levels are what they were when I was a younger man. Highly recommend.


0 Star Rating  on Facebook, Apr 12, 2021

Awesome crew. Very knowledgeable and put me on the right track the first time. I seen my regular dr and they honestly told me false information. Numale in skokie is awesome and have recommended them to multiple people.