Charlotte Low Testosterone

Charlotte Low Testosterone

Charlotte Low Testosterone: Common Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

At puberty, boys develop secondary male features. These characteristics include a deeper voice, growth of body and facial hair, and muscular mass. The hormone, testosterone, is responsible for these developments. It is also vital for the production of sperms and other sexual functions in men. Low testosterone level occurs due to the decline in the amount of the hormone produced by the body. A Charlotte low testosterone testing center can test your testosterone level to ascertain if you are suffering from its deficiency.

Low testosterone or low T can occur at any age in men. The male hormone is always at its peak during puberty and early adulthood. It starts declining around middle-age. However, you may experience low T at a younger age. Obesity, high blood pressure, intake of illegal drugs, and excessive alcohol can lead to testosterone deficiency. Infections and other medical problems can also result in a decline of the testosterone level. Physicians who are experts in Charlotte low testosterone testing can detect if you have low T and identify its causes.

Hypogonadism or the inability of the body to produce the right amount of the male hormone also affects men. This condition can lead to delayed puberty in boys. The affected individuals cannot experience the typical development that occurs during adolescence. The symptoms may include the absence of body hair, deeper voice, and muscular mass. It may also result in slow maturation of male sex organs. Besides, the limbs of the affected person may grow out of proportion compared to the entire body.

The symptoms of low testosterone may not be evident for you to recognize them. You may confuse them with other conditions. However, the following signs indicate that you need to check your testosterone level. You will need therapy to increase its production if the amount of the hormone produced by your body is low.

Hair loss

Testosterone is responsible for the development of body and facial hair in men during puberty. A decline in the level of this hormone can lead to hair loss. This condition may result in premature balding. The facial and body hairs become sparse.


The male hormone stimulates the production of sperms and maturation of male sex organs. A decline in its level will reduce the number of sperms produced by the body. Consequently, the affected male becomes infertile.

Decreased muscle mass

Testosterone contributes to the buildup of muscle in men. A decrease in its level will result in reduced muscle strength and mass.

Reduced libido

A decrease in the level of testosterone can reduce a man’s sex drive.

Increased body fat

The male hormone controls fat distribution in men. Low testosterone can cause men to gain weight.

Other symptoms of low testosterone include reduced bone density, swollen or tender breasts, and memory loss. Men suffering from this condition may experience sleep disturbances, fatigue, and depression. Despite the cause of the hormone deficiency, these symptoms are not sufficient for a proper diagnosis of the condition. A medical test is vital for the confirmation of any case of low testosterone. At a Charlotte low testosterone testing center, you can perform a diagnostic check to detect a decline in the hormone level. Besides, you will receive a personalized therapy to correct the condition if you test positive.