Chicago Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh

Chicago Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh

The Most Effective Chicago Growth Hormone Therapy Is HGH Injection Introduction

Human growth hormone, produced by the pituitary gland, is one of the most important hormones in the body because it has several important functions. Human growth hormone is responsible for reproduction, sexual function, mood, metabolism, growth and development. It also influences height and it builds muscles and bones in the body.

Sometimes the hormone may be either lacking or grossly inadequate in the body. People with such condition will have to undergo Chicago growth hormone therapy of HGH injection. The two commonest causes of lack or inadequacy of the hormone in the body are mutations in genes and damaged pituitary gland.

Symptoms of inadequate human growth hormone in children

Children that lack HGH or do not have enough are usually born normal. The symptoms will begin to manifest at the age of 2 to 3 and this is when their growth problems will be noticed. Their growth will be either slow or stunted. Some of the signs of growth problems in children are delayed puberty, impaired or poor hair growth, chubby body build and they may look much younger than their age mates.

Children with some or all the symptoms are checked for possible lack of HGH and if confirmed, they are taken through Chicago growth hormone therapy which includes HGH injection.

Symptoms of HGH deficiency in adults

Adults can also experience deficiency of HGH. It could either occur in adulthood or during childhood but not treated. It can be caused when the pituitary gland is damaged by tumor and it can also be caused by radiotherapy or surgery.

Some of the common symptoms of deficiency of HGH in adults are inability to think properly, constant tiredness, weak muscles and bones, weak heart, excessive fat, depression and heart disease. The biggest problem with this condition is its increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Treatment of deficiency in growth hormone

The most effective Chicago growth hormone therapy is HGH injection. This injection is a lab-developed human growth hormone. The hormone works exactly like the natural growth hormone in the body. It is usually prescribed and administered by a doctor.

It is usually administered daily or several times in a week. The frequency and dosage of the injection depends solely on the intensity or severity of the deficiency. For adults, it can be self-administered. The injection takes several years and the patient needs to go for a monthly check up.

Several blood tests are also carried out to determine if the treatment should be intensified, reduced or stopped totally. Apart from blood tests, bone density, level of blood sugar and cholesterol levels are also checked as these are all what low HGH affects.

Possible side effects of HGH injections

The main reason to allow a certified physician to determine the dosage of the injection is because its excess can lead to some possible side effects like swelling of feet or hands (or both), headaches, joint discomfort and muscle aches.


Despite its effectiveness, the injection is not for everybody. It is not suitable for people with multiple injuries, severe breathing problems, serious illness, cancer and tumors. This is because it is possible for the injection to exacerbate these conditions.


Chicago Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh