Chicago Low Testosterone

Chicago Low Testosterone

5 Symptoms Chicago Low Testosterone Patients Are Experiencing

Male patients in the Chicago area who are experiencing low testosterone may not always know about the common warning signs and if you are wondering about your health, you will need to know the common warning signs. There are a number of symptoms for Chicago low testosterone patients to be on the lookout for when it comes to diagnosing.

Let's take a closer look at the most common signs that Chicago low testosterone patients are currently grappling with. The signs of low testosterone are not always easy to spot and by taking the time to read on and learn more about the signs that often go neglected.

1) Decreased Sex Drive

When a patient experiences a decrease to their sex drive, low testosterone is not always the cause. However, we often find ourselves in a rush to find the underlying reason for an ailment like this without taking the time to consider the most obvious sign of all. A decrease in our overall sex drive that cannot be attributed to any other medical issue is usually caused by the onset of low testosterone.

2) Difficulty Achieving Erections

Let's say that your sex drive is exactly where it needs to be and you cannot achieve an erection once the big moment finally arrives. Testosterone is responsible for stimulating the male sex drive and when our bodies do not produce enough of it, those special moments are not nearly as special as they could be. Difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection is a common sign of low testosterone.

3) Low Amount of Semen Produced

Testosterone plays a major rule in the body's ability to produce the proper amount of semen. If you are able to ejaculate and your body is not producing a normal amount of semen, this can often be attributed to a severe lack of testosterone. Men with low levels of testosterone often report experiencing a much lower volume of released sperm during their ejaculation. Once you notice this symptom, it is time to contact a doctor.

4) Loss of Hair

Hair loss is another common issue that men experience as they grow older. In many instances, we will simply chalk up the loss of hair to the aging process and move on with our lives. Meanwhile, we are ignoring one of the most regularly experienced symptoms of low testosterone. Balding is something that many men go through and while it is a natural occurrence, it is not always attributable to aging alone. A loss of facial hair may also indicate low testosterone.

5) Extreme Fatigue

Are you someone who is constantly experiencing fatigue, yet you have no real reason to be so tired all of the time? If so, this is a sure sign that you are suffering from a lowered level of testosterone. Are you getting plenty of sleep and maintaining a normal exercise regimen? Patients who are still reporting a lowered level of energy even when they are making the proper lifestyle choices are often suffering from low testosterone. Speak with a doctor if you are having extreme fatigue for an extended period of time, low testosterone is often to blame.