Denver Low Testosterone

Denver Low Testosterone

Here Are Some Effective Denver Low Testosterone Treatments

Before talking about Denver low testosterone treatment, you should know all the functions of the hormone to understand its importance. It is produced in the testicles for male development and sexual functions.

It also plays a prominent role in building bone mass and muscle. It initiates sperm production and enhances sex drive. That is not all, it is also responsible for fat distribution, bone density and production of red blood cells.

The production of the hormone reaches its peak between 20 and 30 years of age. Once a man hits 30, the production begins to decline. It declines at about 1 percent every year. This is believed to be a normal aging process.

The normal level of testosterone in adult men is between 300 nanograms and 1200 nanograms per deciliter. Any lower level should be investigated thoroughly. It could be a medical condition.

Causes and symptoms of low testosterone

A lot of people undergo Denver low testosterone treatments. This indicates that low testosterone is a common condition especially among men. Low testosterone is either a total seizure in the production of the hormone or inadequate production.

Considering its series of functions, lack of testosterone is a big medical condition that requires urgent treatment. So, providers of Denver low testosterone treatment handle it as such. Some of the common causes of the condition are other medical conditions like obesity, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, hormonal disorder and infections. Medications like chemotherapy and narcotics have also been linked to low testosterone.

Its symptoms are sudden weight gain (especially in women), low energy or reduced strength (getting tired quickly), emotional changes and change in sleeping patterns. These symptoms are related to mild low testosterone. When the situation becomes critical, the patient will suffer some or all of reduced sex drive that is also known as low libido, embarrassing sexual dysfunction and the worst of all, infertility.

Treatments of low testosterone

There are a few natural ways to either prevent the condition or treat it. The patient needs to stay active and get enough sleep always. He also needs to watch his weight. Denver low testosterone treatment covers different therapies. Some of them have been discussed below.

There are several gels that can be applied to the skin around the testicles. It is absorbed through the skin. The gel will initiate the production of testosterone for a while and probably correct the anomaly so that the patient’s testicles can begin to secrete the hormone on their own.

Most of them are usually applied once or twice a day. You can also use the mouth patch that sticks to the upper part of the gum. It is applied twice in a day. Artificial testosterone can also be delivered by direct injection. Some pellets can also be implanted into the tissue and these pellets will release the testosterone.

Have you noticed that using of pills is not among the treatments discussed above? It is not an omission. Pills pass through the liver and experts believe that long term administration of testosterone pills could be detrimental to the liver. This is why using of pills is not advised for treatment of low testosterone. Other therapies bypass the liver and enter into the blood stream directly.