Denver Premature Ejaculation

Denver Premature Ejaculation

You Can Try Any Of These Denver Premature Ejaculation Treatment Techniques

Premature ejaculation is one of the most embarrassing conditions for men. It occurs either before or immediately you penetrate. This happens when you and your partner are just beginning to enjoy sex. It can even cause a strain in your relationship.

The good news is that premature ejaculation is treatable. It can completely resolve. In fact, there are several Denver premature ejaculation treatments that can cure the condition over time. The first step most Denver premature ejaculation specialists will take is to order blood tests. This is meant to check your testosterone level. Low testosterone is about the commonest cause of both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Treatments of the condition

There are several Denver premature ejaculation treatment techniques but it may take some time before you figure out the combination of techniques that works well for you. Here are some effective techniques.

Behavioral technique

There are some habits that can help to improve your condition. One of them is masturbation. You can cultivate a habit of regular masturbation or masturbating about a couple of hours before any sexual intercourse.

Often times the condition is fraught with anxiety, fear of embarrassment and pressure. So, the treatment technique must take the three into consideration too. This is why some doctors may recommend that you avoid intercourse for a certain period of time. During this time, you may only focus on romance and other types of sexual plays. This will reduce the anxiety, fear and pressure.

Pelvic floor exercises

You may also be asked to practice some pelvic floor exercises. These exercises are also known as Kegel exercises. They help to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Apart from providing support to the bowel and bladder, these muscles also affect sexual function. When they become weak, they can affect your ability to delay ejaculation. Kegel exercises are meant to strengthen them. You can perform the exercise at least 3 times a day and each session should take at least 10 repetitions.

The pause-squeeze technique

If the kegel exercises do not work for you, you can try this pause-squeeze technique. This one will involve your partner. So, it is necessary that you discuss it with her beforehand. During intercourse when you are about to ejaculate as usual, she will hold your penis at the point where the glans joins the shaft (the base of the cone). She will then press it gently for several seconds. You will have her release the hold when the urge to ejaculate fizzles out. You can continue the intercourse thereafter and she can keep squeezing it until when you are ready to ejaculate.

If it works for you, you can continue with the technique until you reach a point where the urge to ejaculate no longer comes prematurely. By then, your body must have mastered the habit so much that it will no longer require any pause-squeeze technique. If you wake up at the same time everyday at the sound of your alarm, your body will get used to the time that you may have woken up a couple of minutes before the alarm goes off. This technique works the same way.

Use of condom

You can decide to use condom to reduce the sensation you feel on your penis. More sensation leads to more fun and faster ejaculation.

In conclusion, all the techniques are equally effective but some people prefer one to the other. If anyone works for you, just stick to it.