Frank – Hartford WI

January 16, 2017 by NuMale0

As a 56 year old male I was really feeling lethargic and sluggish these last 4 or 5 years. As a business owner I attributed my tired days on the long hours and daily stress associated with business ownership. Until I heard Bill Michaels talk about the NuMale Clinic. I thought what the heck, $149.00 for a consultation might be worth the trip. After my bloodwork came back I was astounded to find out that my testosterone level was that of a 76 year old man! I immediately discussed options with Dr. Tim. The testosterone pellets were inserted that day.

My life has changed remarkably. My energy level changed slightly for the better immediately. After 2 weeks however I literally was a new man. I can think and reason much clearer that before. I’m actually organized! My energy level is incredible and my wife says I’m like an 18 year old chasing her around the house! The testosterone therapy has literally changed my (and my wife’s) life for the better. The piece of mind follow-up appointment to monitor levels was very important to me as well. Thank you Dr. Tim, Eddie and everyone at the Wauwatosa NuMale Clinic.

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