Green Bay Hair Restoration

Green Bay Hair Restoration

What You Should Know About Green Bay Hair Restoration

Green bay hair restoration has become more popular and successful the last couple of years; this is due to the increasing number of clients that are satisfied with the solution. Hair restoration has a way of boosting self-confidence, making you feel and look better for your age.

 A lot of people are faced with the problem of hair loss but don’t know there is a solution to this problem. While there are some others that know about the solution but do not have the time to visit a consultant or simply have no idea of the process. In this article, you'll find some concepts that can help you understand green bay hair restoration.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Though the restoration of hair is not something new when it comes to science, the techniques involved the process has drastically evolved in the last couple of years. When considering green bay hair restoration, there are two major surgical methods you should know about.

1) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): This is the most used traditional method of hair restoration. This method has been in use since the earliest times by hair clinics, and it is regarded as the standard method of hair restoration. This method involves removing and cutting a strip of hair and skin from your scalp. From which they will divide it and transplant it into the thinning or balding area. It usually leaves a scar in the area of the extraction, but the scar will be covered by hair, and this requires a good amount of aftercare service.

2) Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): This method is a more recent technique than FUT. This technique has become more popular because of the amazing benefits it offers. This method is fully based on the more recent technologies. This technique makes only little incision around the follicle unit of the hair, after which they will prepare it and plant it in the thinning and balding area on the head. This method requires a little aftercare service. With this method, you can get back to your normal activities quickly, it inflicts little or no pain, and it scarring possibility is minimal.

Follicular Units (FU) is the fundamental concept behind these two techniques, and these Follicular Units are natural anatomical units of the scalp, and every unit is made up of one to four hairs. The similarity in both techniques is the extraction of FUs from one section of the scalp to a bald and thinned area. The difference among them is the extraction process.

The process of FUT is carried out with strip excision technique and leaves only a linear scar on the head. While in the case of FUE, the extraction is done individually (one after the other), and this leaves only a very small scar. The only thing you might find on the scalp is little white dots.

The scar and the dots will become invisible when the hair starts growing after the green bay hair restoration. But before you opt in for hair restoration, make sure you consult a doctor so you will know the best technique that will suit your personal needs.


Green Bay Hair Restoration