Green Bay Low Testosterone

Green Bay Low Testosterone

What You Need To Know About Green Bay Low Testosterone

As men age, there is always the natural tendency to experience declining sex drive. Aside from aging, it is good to know that physiology can also be a factor. This is often caused by a decline in the production of testosterone - the hormone that is responsible for boosting sexual desire, as well as muscle mass, bone density, and sperm production. Produced in the testicles, this male steroid hormone mostly peaks at about age 30.

Some symptoms of Green Bay low testosterone include hair loss, depression, changes in sleep patterns, weight gain, a decrease in muscle mass, fatigue and exhaustion. As the level declines, men might find themselves unable to perform (sexually) as well as they would like. In most cases, they may experience less interest less interest in sex.

It’s natural to correct this problem. But first, you must understand what testosterone really is and what it does in the body.

What is testosterone?

Along with estrogen, testosterone makes up the main sex hormones in the body. Interestingly, this hormone is produced in both men and women, however, production is higher on the men side. Women produce more estrogen than men.

When boys are developing, it is testosterone that makes their sex organs grow to maturity. The hormone also supports male physical attributes such as denser muscle development, broader shoulders, and facial hair growth.

Alongside with other factors, sexual excitement is often enhanced by the increase in production of testosterone in the body. These hormone levels are not usually stable as they could rise and fall throughout the day. Usually, testosterone tends to be high in the mornings. This is when some men experience more sexual excitements.

But after age 30, there could be a fluctuation and further decline in testosterone levels. This could lead to softer muscle tone and possibly fewer firm erections. It is at this point that most men begin to lose the urge for sex.

Causes of low testosterone

Aging is basically the major natural cause of Green Bay low testosterone. However, it is quite important to know that there could other causes that can result in the production of a lowered testosterone in males. Some of these include:

    Testicular tumors Inflammatory diseases such as tuberculosis or sarcoidosis HIV or AIDS Pituitary disorders Cancer disorders Cancer treatment Injury to the testicles

A condition whereby the body cannot produce enough testosterone on its own is known as hypogonadism. Such a problem can be effectively treated via a testosterone therapy. But when it comes to using testosterone supplements, there are no clear indications as to how effective they may be. But there are certain lifestyle changes that individuals can adapt to boost their Green Bay low testosterone condition.

Some changes that can help to bring about significant improvements include engaging in resistance exercises and losing weight activities. According to research, certain resistance exercises like lifting weights can help to effect temporary increases in testosterone levels. Other exercises that contribute to the loss of excessive weight such as cardiovascular exercise can boost testosterone levels.


Green Bay Low Testosterone