Health Benefits of Exercise; in honor of National Healthy Aging Month

Health Benefits of Exercise; in honor of National Healthy Aging Month

Did you know that September is National Healthy Aging Awareness Month? NuMale medical center is dedicated to improving men’s health, wellness and vitality. It is therefore not surprising that we are discussing the numerous health benefits of exercise and regular physical activity.

What are the Health Benefits of Exercise?

Staying active is necessary to live a long and healthy life. Physical activity is required to maintain a healthy body and healthy brain. Physical activity is also known to ease depression. The good news is you do not need to formally prepare or set out a huge amount of time to exercise. You can increase your activity throughout the day in less complicated ways like taking the stairs or just taking walks.

Here are 9 ways exercise can improve your health and overall quality of life:
1: Lower cholesterol
2: Lower triglycerides (fat found in the blood)
3: Lower risk of high blood pressure
4: Reduced inflammation
5: Healthier blood vessels
6: Lower risk of diabetes
7: Lower risk of colon cancer
8: Strong bones (reverse thinning bones)
9: Maintain a healthy weight

If you are unable to exercise due to tiredness and fatigue:

It all adds up. An active life means a longer and healthier life. If you are always tired and find it difficult to exercise, you may be experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, hypothyroidism or some other form of hormone imbalance. Schedule a consultation at a NuMale medical center near you. Our medical provider will evaluate your symptoms, perform a comprehensive blood test to check your hormone levels and determine the right course of treatment.

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