Las Vegas Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh

Las Vegas Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh

Las Vegas Growth Hormone Therapy HGH: Symptoms Of Growth Hormone Deficiency

It is a known fact that the growth hormone in humans is responsible for growth. However, some individual may experience growth hormone deficiency when the pituitary gland fails to release sufficient growth hormone. Young children and adults can be affected by this disorder. Growth hormone deficiency presents challenges such as erectile dysfunction in males, impaired growth, increased risk for cardiovascular diseases, poor sleep quality, poor cognitive skills as well as anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, Las Vegas growth hormone therapy HGH helps to treat growth hormone disorder and even offers other benefits such as fracture healing and increase in muscle strength. While it is true that the cause of growth hormone deficiency is yet to be discovered, there are certain symptoms to look out for in patients. Depending on their age, they may show different symptoms of the growth hormone deficiency.

1) Extreme Shortness

This symptom is usually present in children. While it is true that not all children grow at the same rate and pace, they are expected to grow at least 2 ½ inches tall each year from age one until they reach puberty where they will grow up to 4 inches every year. Children who are significantly shorter than their peers may have a growth hormone deficiency.

2) Increased Body and Abdominal Fat

Children with this condition may have increased fat around the face, giving them a rounder face and making them look younger than their peers. They may also have baby fat around the abdomen. Note that growth hormone deficient children can have normal body proportions.

3) Delayed Puberty

Besides having a short stature, children with GHD experience slow rate of sexual development and maturation. For example, young girls may not develop breasts, and their hips may not enlarge when they hit puberty. Young boys may also not experience a change in voice as their peers, and their chest may not broaden.

4) Reduced Bone Strength

Instead of having strong, healthy bones, growth hormone deficient individuals have reduced bone strength which may lead to more frequent fractures, particularly in older patients. Individuals with low growth hormone levels lack stamina often feel tired and weak. They may become unusually sensitive to hot or cold temperatures.

5) High Cholesterol Level and Fat in the Blood

Low levels of growth hormone alter the body's metabolism, making it hard for the body to burn fat and cholesterol. It is for this reason adults with GHD are at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes.

6) Decrease in Sexual Function and Interest

Since the human growth hormone is responsible for sexual development and stimulation of sexual interest, a deficiency would result in loss of sexual drive and decrease of reproductive functions. Growth hormone deficient males often have a weak sexual erection and even complete loss of sexual desire.

Las Vegas growth hormone therapy HGH has become one of the most popular methods of treating the disorder. Keep in mind that the growth hormone disorder may present the same symptoms as other ailments. It is, therefore, necessary to seek medical advice as soon as you begin to show the symptoms listed above.


Las Vegas Growth Hormone Therapy Hgh