Las Vegas Low Testosterone

Las Vegas Low Testosterone

Causes And Possible Treatments For Las Vegas Low Testosterone

What Is Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone and it has several functions in men. It is what drives his sexual urges (libido). During the period of puberty, this hormone helps to deepen a man’s voice, build his muscles and increase the size of his tested and genital. It maintains the sex interest of a man and keeps his bones and muscles strong in adulthood. It is what physically makes a man.

Causes of Low Testosterone

Most men experience a decline in the amount of testosterone produced after the age of 30. Las Vegas low testosterone may accompany a decrease in sex drive. Some men may blindly believe that their getting older is the cause of loss of interest in sex.

Low testosterone can be caused by a variety of medical conditions and consumption of some supplements in men and boys.

Some of these medical conditions are:

    Kidney disease and chronic liver Autoimmune diseases Genetic abnormalities Chronic obstructive lung disease HIV/AIDS Type 2 diabetes Heart failure Injury to the testicles Infections (such as mumps) Obesity Metabolic disorders Treatment for testicular cancer or testicular cancer Prolactin-secreting tumor (Prolactinoma) in the pituitary gland

Some drug supplements that may cause low testosterone levels are:

    Chemotherapy drugs used for cancer treatment Alcohol Opioids Corticosteroids

Low Testosterone Treatment

As a man gets older a gradual decrease in the testosterone level should be expected. If you are experiencing some signs of low testosterone, treatment is should be considered.

An injection called “gonadotropin injections” may be given to the man if low testosterone is giving a hedge to the partner getting pregnant. These injections are hormones that trigger the glands to produce more testosterone. It may also boost the sperm count of the man. Another option is implants of testosterone pellets. In this treatment, many pellets are placed underneath the buttocks skin. These pellets secrete testosterone for about 3 to 4 months periods. Other options include injection and nasal gels.


Other Helpful Tips no Coping with Low Testosterone

Discuss the problem.

You need to discuss the matter with your partner if low testosterone symptoms are affecting your relationship in any way. Discussing low testosterone with your partner may keep you going in the right direction even though it may not solve the issue completely. Some of the short term stress and tension can be eliminated by talking about it. The truth of the matter is that the partner affected by Las Vegas Low testosterone needs to get treatment promptly for the problem to be fully alleviated.

Work on it together

Your efforts need to truly be a partnership or shared if you are willing to solve the issue. If the woman attends the initial appointment with the doctor, it will be very helpful. The female partner will begin to realize as she discusses the issue that the fault is not from her male partner but it is rather a medical condition. This is important because some women will feel that their partner is no more finding them attractive and may not believe even if he claims he does.

Focus on Other Aspects of Your relationship

There are many ways to show your passion for each other, it not only through sex. Explore this ways and get on. However, this is only a helpful tool as you overcome the symptoms of Las Vegas low testosterone. It does not mean that physically showing your feelings to each other should be completely ignored.


Las Vegas Low Testosterone