Las Vegas Premature Ejaculation

Las Vegas Premature Ejaculation

Techniques And Tips To Delay Las Vegas Premature Ejaculation

Thirty percent of men suffer from premature ejaculation at one point or the other in their life, and this can lead to a significant distress. It is the most common sexual dysfunction among men. However, you can take care of your Las Vegas premature ejaculation problems without spending too much on drugs and treatments.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Ejaculation can be considered premature when it occurs in rapid or brief time (usually less than a minute) and when the ejaculation lacks control and leads to sexual dissatisfaction and distress of the partner and the person suffering it.

Common Causes of Premature Ejaculation (PE)

PE can be biological or psychological, and it usually occurs due to irregular sexual activity, extreme arousal, overactive reflexes, and genital skin with extreme sensitivity. Some other things that may lead to Las Vegas premature ejaculation are anxiety, guilt, genetics, inflammation of the urethra or prostrate, and alcohol or substance abuse. Once premature ejaculation has taken place and established itself, the fear and preconceived idea of it can actually stimulate the unwanted ejaculation, and this will create a vicious cycle.

Las Vegas Premature Ejaculation Delay Tips and Techniques

Listed below are some practical methods to help you increase ejaculation time without using any medication.

Training of the Pelvic Floor Muscles

One very effective way you can prevent premature ejaculation is by strengthening your pelvic muscle. The pelvic muscles render support and are in control of the sexual organ, and they can short circuit PE when you actively engage them just before you are about to ejaculate. For a lot of men, the pelvic muscles are very weak, and they get weaker as the person advances in age, and this increases the chance of premature ejaculation. Exercising your pelvic muscles is even more effective than some medication when it comes to overcoming premature ejaculation.

Stop and Start Technique

This is one of the simplest techniques of preventing premature ejaculation which you can do alone or with a partner. This method involves thrusting the sexual organ and stopping immediately you have the sensation of ejaculating. Or you can still maintain penetration but stop thrusting until the urgency of ejaculation goes away. You can stop the stimulation for about a minute and continue again once the ejaculatory urgency has gone away. You can repeat this process as many time as you want and stop whenever you feel you want to ejaculate. You can finally let go of the ejaculation when you and your partner are satisfied. During the stop period, you can use that time to focus on other sources of pleasures.

The Squeeze Technique

This technique involves withdrawing the sexual organ just before ejaculation and squeezing the area of the sexual organ between the glans and the shaft; you can do this for about thirty to sixty seconds until the feeling of ejaculation is withdrawn. After that, you can resume the intercourse. The squeeze technique stops the feeling of ejaculation, but for some people, it might affect their erection. If it affects your erection, you can wait until you get stimulated again. After which you can continue the process until you want to let go your orgasm.


Las Vegas Premature Ejaculation