Medical Weight Loss

NuMale’s “All-In-One” Medical Weight Loss for Men: A Customized Approach to Weight Loss

Men are different than women in many ways, but especially when it comes to weight loss. Men require more nutrition; our program is tailored to replenish those more complex nutritional needs. Men think differently; they are motivated differently and need a different kind of weight loss system. That’s why we created NuMale’s “All-In-One” Medical Weight Loss Program for Men. It’s a clear, logical, step-by-step approach to weight loss that helps men reach their weight loss goals systematically.

What kind of results are possible?

NuMale can change a number of conditions in your life:

  • You will lose fat, not muscle.
  • You will lose inches off your waistline.
  • Your face and neck can become trimmer, less flabby.
  • You will feel more energized, and notice an increase in your metabolism.
  • You will have an increase in your overall well-being and health.

Here is what our program includes:

  • Customized and formulated weight loss program
  • Up to (6) office visits over 6 Weeks
  • All necessary prescription and non-prescription weight loss solutions
  • 90-Day supply of custom, proprietary multi-vitamin supplements
  • Detailed diet & food program
  • Weekly visits to provide ongoing monitoring and support
  • Weekly weigh-ins and vital checks
  • Supervised by medical professionals
  • Personal hormone balancing approach

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Why is hormone balancing a part of the “All-In-One” program?

NOTE: Results will vary for each patient depending on the patient’s medical history and level of compliance with our program which includes, among other things, nutrition and exercise counseling.

Hormones can significantly influence metabolism, fat burning and weight gain/loss. Just because someone loses 35lbs on HCG, does not mean that they will not gain it back in a few months. In fact, almost 1/4 of our patients have done HCG elsewhere, only to gain the weight back or have experienced poor health since. We blame this on the fact that a Physician did NOT closely monitor the patient and their hormones were never addressed.

We include any time that our weight loss medical providers will need to spend to balance your hormones during the (6) week program to help improve overall health and to keep the weight off for good.

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