Milwaukee Low Testosterone

Milwaukee Low Testosterone

Effects Of Milwaukee Low Testosterone Levels In Men

Testosterone is a hormone found in both men and women but in a higher amount in men. There is an increase in its production at puberty stage and gradually decreases from the age of thirty. The rate of depletion is about 1 percent every year. Therefore, old age is naturally associated with low levels of testosterone.

There are a number of functions carried out by the testosterone, some of these functions are: sperm production, aids sex drive, muscles strength/mass, fat distribution and production of red blood cells.

Because of this many functions carried out by this hormone, decrease its amount can cause significant emotional and physical changes. Some of the ways depletion in Milwaukee low testosterone level affect men is:

Sexual Capabilities

Low testosterone is usually associated with decreased sexual performance and desires. This is one of the biggest worries men face when they are confronted with its symptoms. As men get older, they can be confronted with a number of signs of depleting sexual function due to the low secretion of this hormone. Some of these signs are: reduction in spontaneous erection especially during sleep, reduced sex desires and infertility.

Testosterone is responsible for sexual urges in men. A decrease in libido, sperm count and fewer spontaneous erections can be as a result of low testosterone. Naturally, all these symptoms don't happen suddenly. Other issues can be the cause if they do.

Physical changes

Milwaukee low testosterone levels can trigger many physical changes in your body. This hormone is usually referred to as the male hormone. It increases bodily hair, muscles mass and contributes to the whole masculine form in men. Women who look masculine usually have an abnormal or high secretion of this hormone. Some of the depleting changes caused by low testosterone level are: decreased in body hair, weak bones, reduction in the mass/strength of muscles, increased body fat (obesity) etc.

Sleep disturbances

Low testosterone level can cause changes in sleep patterns and insomnia despite the fact that it cause fatigue and decrease in energy level. Testosterone replacement therapy can unfortunately cause or contribute to insomnia. While asleep, a person can experience seizures in the amount of air he breathes. This can disrupt a person’s sleep which is why it is a very serious problem.

However, insomnia is accompanied by changes in the body which can in turn cause a decline in the levels of testosterone.

Note that there is a great correlation between decrease in sleeping hours and low testosterone even without the presence of insomnia. Why this this happens is still unclear.

Emotional changes

Having low level of testosterone also affects emotional health in addition to the physical changes. The condition can trigger depression or sadness. Your sense of well-being can be greatly affected. Some people suffer from concentration, memory loss, low motivation and self-confidence.

Emotional regulations are being affected by testosterone. Men that have a decline in the levels of their testosterone have high chances of being depressed. This may be as a result of the combination of many issues such as decrease in sex drive leading to frustration and fatigue.

In Conclusion

Make an appointment or call your doctor if you are confronted with any symptoms of low testosterone. With a simple blood test, diagnosis can be carried out and there are many ways to treat it. Whether or not there is a cause triggering your Milwaukee low testosterone, you doctor can help determine the cause. The earlier the better!