New study says taking testosterone drugs to boost energy won’t lead to increased cardiovascular risks – KVOA News

New study says taking testosterone drugs to boost energy won’t lead to increased cardiovascular risks – KVOA News

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Written By John Overall – KVOA News

Millions of men around the country are taking testosterone boosting drugs to increase their energy, lose weight, or improve their love lives.

Early this year, the Food & Drug Administration sent out a warning that testosterone therapy may increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular problems.

It turns out the FDA may have jumped the gun.

New research shows there is no convincing evidence of cardiovascular risks associated with testosterone therapy. In fact, according to a new report published in the medical journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, there appears to a strong beneficial relationship between normal testosterone levels and cardiovascular health.

Joe Owens is a Cancer Survivor. After numerous surgeries and treatments, his testosterone levels dropped dramatically, so Owens turned to the doctors at NuMale Medical Center for help. Now his hormone levels are back to normal.

“It enabled me to perform like I was 20 years old again,” Owens said.

Millions of men share the same story. But after the recent FDA warning about testosterone increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke, some are afraid to try testosterone therapy. Dr. Christopher Asandra is the Medical Director for NuMale Medical Center

“The FDA did not review the latest studies, like the Mayo Clinic proceedings, that showed testosterone is actually beneficial to a man,” Dr. Asandra said. “It actually lowers cardiovascular risk.”

Dr. Asandra told News 4 Tucson that NuMale’s pellet therapy is not only safe, it’s also quick and painless.

“The procedure is about 3 to 5 minutes. We place the pellets right under the skin and you’re set for 5 to 6 months without any crashes, or having to stick yourself every week.”

Dr. Asandra said men who increase their testosterone levels have more energy, they lose weight, and they’re more pleasant to be around. Joe Owens agreed.

“I’m glad to be living the good life again,” said Owens.

Most insurance companies don’t cover testosterone therapy, but a consultation with NuMale, which includes an ultra sound and blood work, is just $149.