Omaha Low Testosterone

Omaha Low Testosterone

Omaha Low Testosterone: Treatment Options That Boosts Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men. It is level in the body is at its peak during the adolescent stage. During this period, boys develop deeper voices, muscular mass, and body hairs. This hormone also stimulates the production of sperms and maturation of sexual organs. The testosterone level starts declining once a man reaches the middle age. However, chronic illness, obesity, alcoholism, infection, and stress are some of the factors that can worsen the situation. At Omaha low testosterone treatment centers, physicians will perform tests to check your testosterone level.

These specialists can also identify other causes of low T besides aging. Detection of such factors will help in eliminating the resulting symptoms of low testosterone levels. These conditions include reduced muscle mass and sexual desire, weight gain, depression, and anemia. They can interfere with your sex life and relationships.

The cause of the low T will determine the best treatment option for you. In some cases, changes in lifestyle such as losing excess weight can increase the testosterone level. Naturally, regular exercise and weight loss are useful in raising the level of the hormone. However, weight training activities produce excellent results. Sometimes, treating an infection or medical problem that contributed to the condition can correct the level of the testosterone.

Testosterone replacement therapy can also improve your level of testosterone. Many men use this treatment option to restore the hormone’s level in their body. Besides being sexually functional, these procedures can make you energetic and mentally alert. Here are various forms of testosterone replacement treatment available at Omaha low testosterone therapy centers.

Use of gels

You can apply testosterone gel directly to the skin which absorbs the product. Some of the gels have pumps that dispense the quantity of testosterone advised by your physician. However, the recommended usage is once per day.

Skin patch

You can wear strips containing testosterone gel on your upper body or arm. You can apply this procedure once daily.

Buccal system

The mouth patch is tablet-shaped. You can wear it on the upper gums. When placed above the incisors, the tablets release testosterone through the oral tissues to the blood. The treatment is carried out twice daily, and you have to change the pill after 12 hours.

Use of pellets

Testosterone pellets can provide the male hormone for three to four months. The pill is implanted in the soft tissues such as under the skin of the buttocks.


Injecting testosterone directly into the muscle can boost its level in the body. You can take the dose every few weeks.

The treatment options discussed above introduce testosterone directly into the bloodstream. Unlike oral testosterone, they can’t have adverse effects on the liver. Though testosterone therapy can improve your sex drive, energy levels, and mood, it is advisable to see a doctor before opting for any treatment option. Physicians at Omaha low testosterone treatment centers will recommend a suitable procedure for you. However, only men who are experiencing symptoms confirmed to result from low testosterone levels are eligible for the replacement therapy.