Feeling a lot More Confident

I was on a mission to lose a lot of weight before summer officially arrived. My brother recommended that I visit the NuMale clinic in Milwaukee.


NuMale offered two main services that helped me achieve my goals; HCG and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.


I was very cautious at first as I really, and I mean really, don’t like needles. I don’t know why, but I just have a fear of them. I liked that the NuMale clinic took a personal approach and walked me through how it was done, gave me written instructions, and they were very easy to follow.


As you can see from the before and after pictures, there was no way I could have achieved these results without the help of NuMale. I went from a size 42” pants down to 38”, and I was able to move from an XL shirt down to an XL Slim (which fits great).


I feel a lot more confident, and I’m looking forward to now focusing on building more muscle and strength moving forward.

– Jeremy Hahn

  • Testosterone Replacement (TRT) and Weight Loss Program (HCG)
  • Took only two months for progress

It Changed My Life

I hated to admit that I am getting older, but it’s a fact of life. I felt myself slowing down, I was gaining weight and I wasn’t as sharp as I used to be. Since I started the treatments at NuMale, the transformation has been amazing. I’m working out, I’m shedding some pounds, I feel more alert and I last the entire day with no worries of slowing down. The best part of this entire experience has been the genuine care and concern from Dr. Asandra and the staff for my quality of life. I recommend NuMale both professionally and personally, it really has changed my life.”

– “The Big Unit” Bill Michaels, Sports Talk Radio 12:50 am

I Got My Confidence Back

After surgery for my prostate cancer 2 years ago I had given up hope. I’m 65 and wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet. The pills failed and gave me nasty side effects. After visiting NuMale I got my confidence and performance back. My girlfriend and I can’t thank you enough.”

– Tony M. – Charlotte, NC

Best Decision I’ve Made

I was hesitant to call initially, but I knew diabetes was getting the best of me. My partner and I heard about your services through a friend and after months of debating with myself, I finally decided to make the appointment. Best decision I’ve made and I’m “rocking” the bedroom now. Please tell Tom the PA that I appreciate his understanding and bedside manner, especially with how nervous I was. I highly recommend the NuMale treatment program to men out there who may be in the same boat I was. Thank you guys again.”

– Arthur G. – Austin, TX

My Life Has Changed Remarkably

As a 56-year-old male, I was really feeling lethargic and sluggish these last 4 or 5 years. As a business owner, I attributed my tired days on the long hours and daily stress associated with business ownership. Until I heard Bill Michaels talk about the NuMale Clinic. I thought what the heck, $149.00 for a consultation might be worth the trip. After my bloodwork came back I was astounded to find out that my testosterone level was that of a 76-year-old man! I immediately discussed options with Dr. Tim. The testosterone pellets were inserted that day.


My life has changed remarkably. My energy level changed slightly for the better immediately. After 2 weeks, however, I literally was a new man. I can think and reason much clearer than before. I’m actually organized! My energy level is incredible and my wife says I’m like an 18-year-old chasing her around the house! The testosterone therapy has literally changed my (and my wife’s) life for the better. The piece of mind follow-up appointment to monitor levels was very important to me as well. Thank you, Dr. Tim, Eddie and everyone at the Wauwatosa NuMale Clinic.”

– Frank – Hartford, WI

Highly Recommended!

My wife and I can’t thank you enough for your services. After going through chemo and radiation for cancer, I thought all function was lost. 8 years of trying various failed therapies and finally you guys offered us hope. Dr. Arbiture took the time to listen and was able to diagnose my problem within minutes. Your staff was kind, courteous, and respectful to our situation. I can’t thank you enough for restoring our relationship and giving us something we thought was lost years ago. I highly recommend the services of NuMale Medical Center to anyone who may be struggling like I was.”

–  Jim and Maria C. – Albuquerque, NM

You Won’t Regret It!

Before the NuMale Clinic making love was like being on a road to futility. All the E.D. drugs out there were barely working and I was always worried about losing my erection half way through. The treatment program from NuMale Clinic has restored my ability to make love to my fiancé, greatly improved my self-esteem and increased our intimacy ten fold. It has opened up countless doors for our intimacy without stress or performance worries. If you are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and/or E.D. problems, I strongly recommend the NuMale Clinic treatment program. This is a call you will never regret making.”

– Craig T. – Denver, CO

We Will Tell Everyone!

My wife and I cannot thank you enough helping us save our sex life and our marriage! The time you took to find out why I was not working and how you explained it to us that it was not either of our fault made us feel like you really cared. Thanks to your treatment our spark is definitely back and diabetes be damned! I will tell everyone how you helped us and how you can help them too.”

– Justin R. – Milwaukee, WI

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