Tampa Erectile Dysfunction

Tampa Erectile Dysfunction

Some Natural Tampa Erectile Dysfunction Therapies

Although there are several effective Tampa erectile dysfunction therapies, the condition can also be treated with some natural therapies. The natural therapies can be used for preventive measures. Some of the natural therapies have been outlined below.

Panax ginseng

According to some Tampa erectile dysfunction specialists, it has been proven that Panax ginseng has the ability to cure the condition. Its strong ability to cure erectile dysfunction is the reason it is also known as the herbal Viagra.

The required dosages are about 600 to 1,000 milligrams and it should be taken about three times a day. However, more research is still going on to find out how ginseng acts on erectile dysfunction. The ingredients in Panax ginseng that are suspected to be majorly responsible for the improvement of erectile dysfunction are the Ginsenocides. These active ingredients operate at the cellular level.

Apart from the improvement of ED, Panax ginseng also has the ability to improve blood flow, lung function and also works against inflammation. All these other health benefits still work towards the improvement of ED.

Rhodiola rosea

How this herb really works against ED is not known but a small study proves that it improves sexual function. The study involved daily administration of the herb to twenty-six out of thirty-five men for a period of three months. It was observed that all the twenty-six men experienced improved sexual function.

As usual, it is quite uncommon for a particular her to have just one health benefit. This herb also reduces general body fatigue and it increases energy level. Even though herbs do not usually have side effects, more studies are still being carried out on the herb to ensure safety.

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)

Tampa erectile dysfunction experts sometimes recommend the use of the dietary supplement of DHEA which is made from wild yam and soy. DHEA is a natural hormone in the body and it is produced by the adrenal glands. The hormone is converted to both testosterone and estrogen in the body.

Administration of DHEA is an important part of Tampa erectile dysfunction treatment. It is usually prescribed for low DHEA levels since most people suffering from ED are deficient in the hormone. It is the best option for ED patients that are also suffering from diabetes because it also improves diabetes.


A study on the link between acupuncture and ED was carried out in 1999 and it was revealed that about 39 percent of the participants experienced lasting erection and improved sexual activity. Another study was also carried out in 2003 and it was reported that 21 percent of ED patients who received acupuncture encountered improved erections.

So, if you are suffering from ED, you can give it a trial since acupuncture has low risks if provided by a licensed acupuncturist.

Regular exercise

Regular exercises and all other fitness activities also help to improve erectile dysfunction. This is because they play prominent roles in improving blood flow. And proper blood flow enhances quality and long lasting erections.

Healthy diet

Obesity increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes and these two conditions contribute immensely to ED. So, a healthy diet helps to improve ED.