Tampa Hair Restoration

Tampa Hair Restoration

Some Tips For Tampa Hair Restoration

Tampa hair restoration has been helpful to many as it has improved their looks and boosted their self-esteem. However, there are some tips on post hair restoration which is recommended for everyone that goes through hair restoration process in order to achieve the best results. Not adhering the procedures of post hair restoration with absolute care can cause more hair loss and damage. The physician that carried out the restoration procedure will provide you with some grooming tips such as not washing your hair for forty-eight hours after the procedure.

The procedures of Tampa hair restoration do not produce overnight success. Sometimes, the process of healing takes a long time. For the hair transplant to completely and begin to grow hair, it is going to take some months. However, there are some post hair restoration tips you can follow to hasten the process of healing and stop any infection from happening.

Listed below are some post hair Tampa hair restoration tips to help you facilitate the healing process of the transplant.

Tip One: Don’t Disrupt or Wash the Transplants Immediately

You should wait for at least two days before you can wash your hair, except your doctor ask you to wash your hair. After forty-eight hours, you can use warm, lukewarm water and shampoo to wash your hair and still use warm water to rinse it. You should use this method to wash your hair for fourteen days after the transplant. After fourteen days, you can resume your normal washing method, but you should consult your doctor first. You should carefully and cautiously groom your hair after the hair restoration.

You should Take Only Prescribed Drugs

You may have a little scar after the procedure; the density of the scar is also dependent on the method used. So it is crucial you take your medications as prescribed by your physician. The medications can also help you get over any irritation and pains. One of the most difficult tips to adhere to is to keep your hands away from your scalp, this is very hard, but you have to adhere to it to prevent any damage.

You Should Stay Away from Strenuous Activities

You should completely stay away from all kinds of activities that are strenuous to avoid raising your heart rate above the normal rate for at least the first two weeks of recovery. Some of the things you should stay away from include lifting heavy things, playing tennis, riding a bike, and running. You should also be very careful and mindful when you are entering or getting out of a car, so you do not graze or hit your head. The follicle units of the hair can easily move in a couple of day after the Tampa hair restoration. So you should extremely be careful.

You should Exercise Some Patience

The best thing you can do during your recovery process is to exercise some patients. Before hair begins to grow, it will take approximately 3 to 6 months. During this period, the healing process of the tissue is taking place. After a period of six to nine months, your hair will start growing.