Tampa Low Testosterone

Tampa Low Testosterone

Two Categories Of Tampa Low Testosterone Treatments

Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low testosterone all have virtually the same symptoms and treatments. So, Tampa low testosterone treatments are also applicable to both premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone can even cause both conditions and it can cause lack of sexual urge or feeling.

According to Tampa low testosterone specialists, testosterone production peaks between 20 and 30 years of age. After which it begins to drop at the rate of 1.1 percent annually as you age. Here are a few natural habits that can prevent or improve low testosterone that Tampa low testosterone specialists recommend.

Natural treatments

Taking a healthy and balanced diet

Since balanced diets offer adequate amount of all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that in turn, promote the production of all hormones, Tampa low testosterone experts advise that it is very important to take a healthy and balanced diets. Apart from a damaged pituitary gland and certain medical conditions, deficiency of certain minerals or nutrients in the body is another common cause of low testosterone or a total seizure in its production.

Regular exercises

The health benefits of regular exercises are infinite. Apart from keeping you fit, regular exercises ensure that all the vital organs are working properly. If the heart is working perfectly, blood flow will be improved. All these collectively ensure that the pituitary gland and all other glands secrete all the required hormones in appropriate quantity.

Stick to a sleep pattern

Having enough sleep and sticking to a particular sleep pattern both enhance proper secretion of all the necessary hormones. Secretion of hormones is majorly controlled by an internal clock which depends largely on sleep patterns.

If the condition reaches a certain level, natural therapies may not help. This is when you will have to undergo any of the artificial treatments of low testosterone below.

Artificial treatments

Use of gels

There are gels that can be applied directly to the testicles and the gel will be absorbed into the skin. The gel will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the production of testosterone. This gel can be applied regularly. It does not only initiate production of testosterone, it is also corrects some anomalies, thereby restoring natural production of testosterone.

Pellet implantation

Some pellets can be implanted into the tissues that house the pituitary glands. These pellets can also initiate the production of testosterone.

Direct injection

A lab-developed testosterone can also be injected directly into the body of the patients. This usually takes a pretty long time before it initiates natural production of the hormone.


Although there are a few low testosterone pills, they are not recommended for long term use because they could have a detrimental effect on the liver. Needless to say whatever you swallow will always pass through the liver. But none of pellet implantation, direct injection and gel has anything to do with the liver. So, they are all better choices.

In conclusion, the testosterone level differs in each individual. The right level is about 300 to 1200 nanogram per deciliter. Any amount of testosterone lower than that calls for urgent attention. However, it is also good to bear in mind that the production of the hormone declines with age starting from age 30.