Why are Tech Moguls Mark Cuban & Peter Thiel, Sports Doctors, and Anti-Aging Specialists all Raving about Growth Hormone Therapy?

Why are Tech Moguls Mark Cuban & Peter Thiel, Sports Doctors, and Anti-Aging Specialists all Raving about Growth Hormone Therapy?

Tech Moguls, Sports Doctors, and Anti-Aging Specialists are ALL raving about HGH Therapy... What's all the hype about?

You probably know of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as a performance-enhancing drug taken by some athletes trying to gain an unfair edge and banned by most sports associations. HGH has developed quite a negative reputation, but because there haven't been significant studies done on HGH and its impacts on the body, we don't know what it does. Former New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte claimed to have used HGH as directed by a doctor in his recovery from an elbow injury. However, since research hasn't proven HGH's impacts on muscle recovery, his reputation took a hit for admitting to using the drug. Doctors have seen the positive effects of using HGH in their recovery programs and are calling for research into exactly how HGH can improve recovery times for their patients.

Mark Cuban, "Shark" on the popular show Shark Tank and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, recently got FDA approval to provide a single grant for a University of Michigan exploratory study. Typically these studies are funded by many smaller grants, but Mark has a particular interest in studying HGH and its potential career-saving impacts for athletes.

HGH isn't just beneficial for athletes, many of the "symptoms of getting older" that people suffer through are the symptoms of an HGH deficiency. HGH is responsible for our growth into adulthood and our HGH levels naturally drop as we age, too great of a drop can leave us feeling sluggish, weak, and slow to recover from regular activity. People with an HGH deficiency can benefit greatly from growth hormone therapy, which is a form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that improves sex drive, the ability to burn fat, bone density, cardiovascular health, muscle recovery, energy levels and strength, cognitive ability, and memory.

The Doctors at NuMale Medical Center have been using bioidentical Sermorelin Acetate, a compound similar in structure to HGH to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete HGH. This treatment has been shown to regulate the body's sleep cycle and enhance mental clarity and focus. The treatment has been so effective that it's gathering a loyal following from entrepreneurs and celebrities alike who are interested in its anti-aging benefits.

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who sits on the board of Facebook and co-founded PayPal, told Bloomberg that he plans to live to the age of 120 with the help of a paleo diet and HGH therapy. “It helps maintain muscle mass, so you’re much less likely to get bone injuries, arthritis,” Thiel said. Some celebrities are even calling HGH the fountain of youth because it has been shown to improve skin elasticity and decrease body fat.

The University of Michigan study is the first step in bringing HGH therapy into the mainstream and ditching the harmful negative stereotype it has. HGH is championed by the anti-aging industry but feared by those who don't understand its benefits. Mark Cuban understands that the negative hype is baseless and wants his contribution to the study to lead to a better understanding of HGH. Mark Cuban wrote in an email to ESPN, "I love to test and challenge any schools of thought that have not been thought out, this partnership was a great first step towards finding the facts about HGH." The U of M study will focus on HGH as a method to avoid muscle atrophy after surgery and will provide insight into the short-term effects of HGH therapy. Like any hormone replacement therapy, HGH should only be used as directed by a licensed medical professional. The doctors at NuMale have been using HGH therapy as a tool in their arsenal for several years and can do a blood test to determine if this treatment is right for you.