What Causes Memory Loss?

Men often overlook memory loss as every man occasionally forgets a name, forgets a date or doesn’t remember where they put their keys when going through the course of their daily life, but when memory loss symptoms begin to become a more frequent issue that negatively affects his life on a “too regular” basis, it may be time to determine the precise cause or causes of frequent absentmindedness. There can be a range of factors that can cause a loss of memory symptoms…

  • Contributing factors to memory loss

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Over Medicating

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Emotional Stress

While these components are worth taking into consideration when looking for the cause of memory loss, believe it or not, Male Hormone Imbalance may be the culprit. In recent years, more and more cases of memory issues are being linked to Male Hormone Imbalance or Andropause.

Memory Loss Symptoms in Younger Men

Typical memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer’s or dementia don’t tend to affect most men until the age of 65 or older. Today however, there are an increasing number of patients experiencing memory loss and other cognitive impairments at a much younger age. Some patients are being affected by symptoms as early as 30 years old. Men are at a higher risk for memory loss symptoms than women. Studies show that men are 44% more likely to experience symptoms of memory loss at a younger age than women. Any men experiencing common cognitive symptoms at a premature age should have their hormone levels checked.

  • Common Cognitive Symptoms of Memory Loss

  • Frequent Memory Loss

  • Difficulty Concentrating

  • Clouded Thought Processes

  • Too Easily Distracted

Andropause and Memory Loss

The science behind what causes these types of cognitive impairments in men at a young age can be quite complex, but just like another Male Hormone Imbalance symptom, fatigue, memory loss can be connected to the hormone cortisol. When decreased testosterone levels in a man’s body won’t allow cortisol regulation, neurotransmitters in the brain start misfiring and can cause lapses in memory and other cognitive dysfunction.

Memory Loss can be one of the earliest symptoms that comes from Andropause and may be the first of other symptoms still to come. The loss of memory can be frustrating or even downright lifestyle-crippling for many men that suffer from it. Men don’t just have to accept memory loss as just part of the aging process. Effective treatments exist that can correct cognitive-related Male Hormone Imbalance Symptoms and combat memory loss.

Lifestyle, nutritional and exercise changes may be recommended, but for many, it may require a visit to a licensed Male Rejuvenation and Health Facility staffing qualified physicians.

Just as with erectile dysfunction and low sex drive, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy could be a safe and effective solution for men suffering from memory loss and other cognitive issues. 

Getting Tested and Treated for Male Hormone Imbalance

Memory loss symptoms caused by Male Hormone Imbalance, are testable, treatable and correctable. Through treatment, symptoms will decrease and often disappear, allowing men to feel acute and mentally sharp.

At NuMale the treatment of choice is Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy. The term bioidentical means the testosterone being used will be an exact match of the hormone produced in the male body in chemical makeup and molecular structure. Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Therapy involves putting testosterone pellets the size of a Tic-Tac under the skin. The pellets slowly dissolve, infusing hormones into the body. This therapy can usually begin the same day of the patient’s first visit after their testosterone and estrogen levels are tested. The procedure is a quick, painless in-office procedure with effects that are felt within days and results that last 5-6 months.

Taking the 1st Step

A visit to a NuMale Medical Center to consult with a qualified licensed physician is the best course of action for many men suffering with memory loss or other cognitive dysfunction. At our facility men, along with their physician, can discuss the patient’s ongoing symptoms and discuss the best form of treatment to combat memory loss and its symptoms. Each treatment plan will be tailored to the individual patient’s needs as no two cases are alike.


If you are a male and suffering from this or any other men’s health issue and believe NuMale Medical Clinic could help, please click on the SCHEDULING tab of this website to set up an initial consultation with one of our licensed Men’s Health Physicians. Appointments can also be scheduled by phone by dialing (866) 205-8262.  Our experts will work with you one-on-one to determine the optimal course of treatment to correct your condition.


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